This type of cinnamon will help control your blood pressure.

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According to a research study, one out of every three adults in the US is suffering from high blood pressure. It doesn’t end here only but did you know that High blood pressure leads to a heart attack, stroke, paralysis or any serious kidney disease?

It comes in control by having adequate amounts of suitable medications and moreover significant lifestyle changes.

The significant changes are decreasing dietary sodium in your meals and improving healthy food choices.

But here we want to tell you about a magic ingredient.

This ingredient is very easy to come buy and is available in most supermarket or spices shop around you.

This magic ingredient is cinnamon , it is best used for lowering blood pressure.

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Studies have shown that cinnamon also has other immense benefits to it.

It Improves health by fighting infections preventing cancer and by reducing levels of blood sugar cholesterol and blood pressure.

According to an observational study, it was concluded that short term administration of cinnamon significantly reduced blood pressure in people with pre-diabetes and diabetes.

So what should be the amount of cinnamon you should intake on average?

It can be as little as one half teaspoon of cinnamon a day to see the benefits of this precious spice.

Further research have concluded that cinnamon dilates and relaxes blood vessels resulting in lower blood pressure.

Cinnamon is also a source of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties which can also be involved in controlling blood pressure.

It serves us a potential role in managing weight and blood sugar level for overall improvement since obesity and diabetes are linked to hypertension.

There are different varieties of cinnamon and for usage, its type matters a lot

Cassius cinnamon which is commonly used as a spice is also found in cinnamon pills and is one of the more popular and the more expensive type of cinnamon, while salon cinnamon is a mild.

Salon cinnamon is more likely to be found in health food stores. Both types have their own sets of health benefits however Cassius Cinnamon may not be a safe in large doses because it contains relatively high concentrations of coumarin in which is a natural blood thinning agent.

Cinnamon is a great way to add flavor and may even benefit your health For precaution.

If you want to take cinnamon, talk to your doctor first. Using it without taking your doctor maybe a bit risky so best is to consult.

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