Too much sleep is killing you in these five (5) ways.

Does oversleeping affect you negatively?

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Does oversleeping affect you negatively?

Sleeping is very delightful, but this routine holds significant disadvantages hidden within it. Don’t get it twisted but sleeping isn’t bad however too much of everything is bad except of course if you are reading too much from

Ideally, people between Ages 18 to 64 years are advised to sleep for seven to nine hours. This duration is suitable for maintaining the normal functions of a healthy human body, but exceeding this limit is very dangerous.

By sleeping more you might think you are having enough rest, but in reality, you are damaging yourself.

Oversleeping can affect your cognitive abilities and damage your reflex actions. The lazy routine can make your brain think you are still sleeping thus your body cannot provide reduced reflex times in making quick decisions.

Many depression patients report having a drastic increase in their sleeping habits. There are also abnormal and uncomfortable inflammations due to too much sleep.

Oversleeping also leads to increased pain in joints and muscles like in your shoulders, back neck arms and other parts. This strange habit also has an impact on your fertility as there is an imbalance in hormones, which damages your fertility.

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Sleeping too much also affects several metabolic functions. For instance, there is a reduced tolerance of glucose in your body which could cause you to gain weight due to the lower metabolism and activity.

Spending so much time sleeping also increases the risks of renal or cardiac diseases. Your chances of getting strokes and heart attacks are also increased.

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Quick Question: Does oversleeping cause diseases or diseases cause oversleeping?

This question has been a favourite among researchers in this field. Some say that oversleeping is a habit which leads to the malfunction of the human body. But some researchers emphasized that diseases are born long before they are diagnosed.

This hypothesis leads to the revelation of specific initial symptoms and oversleeping is one of them.

You should be alarmed when you notice a change in your sleep routine unless you naturally have a longer sleep time.

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