Typical Nollywood and Ghallywood Storylines we are tired of.

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If you are a movie junkie like I am, then you must have probably come across one of these storylines once or more. As much as production houses are doing their best, we wish they’d improve their storylines. Checkout some annoying storylines:

  1. A rich man’s stubborn daughter falls in love with a poor mother’s only son, now his whole family has to suffer the consequences. The poor boy wouldn’t listen to his mother’s advice to stay away from the girl. He gets arrested a couple of times. The young man either saves the girl’s life from an accident or does the extraordinary. He finally gets approval from his inlaws.

2. Handsome jobless university graduate gets knocked down by a rich arrogant girl aka dada ba. The Young man wakes up in the hospital and doesn’t remember a thing. He’s taken care of by the girl. Rich arrogant babe now falls in love with him. Finds him a job nowhere else than in her father’s big company. The two live happily ever after.

3. Wicked stepmother treats her stepchild like sh!t. The child gets blessed while her spoilt step sibling mess up their lives. she comes home to meet her stepmother probably blind because she is evil. Stepchild now has to forgive her stepmother who dies anyway. Haha, this doesn’t happen in real life.

4. A poor boy from humble background goes to the university. He is forced to join a cult and that makes him neglect his books, he falls in love with a decent girl who wants nothing to do with him. He decides to frustrate the girl’s life until she accepts him. You know what happens next…

5. Rich king wants a good wife. He travels far away just to pretend he is poor until he finally meets the girl that accepts him for who he is. We are very tired of this storyline.

6. A deadly plague strikes a village and wipes out almost everyone. The weird-looking chief priest is invited and immediately knows the cause. Turns out the king has s3x with his daughter’s cousin’s aunty’s only child, a huge abomination. The wicked king confesses and dies immediately and health is restored to the kingdom.

7. A powerful man of God who can shoot lightning and fire out of his hand is called to help a family whose only daughter is possessed by a demon. The demon and the pastor engage in a fierce battle that almost knocks him out, but no he serves a living God. He shouts “Holy Ghost fire” a couple of times and boom, the demon is defeated. The possessed daughter now comes back to life and is offered some food. Everyone is happy.

8. An aimless prince harras one girl in the village with marriage until she yields to his demands. The poor girl now has to live an unhappy life to ensure the safety of her family. She finally agrees to run away from the village with her ex-boyfriend until their last day on earth.

9. A young lady is abused by her boyfriend countless times until she is beaten to death one day. She doesn’t make it to heaven because she probably committed a few abortions for him. She comes back as a ghost to haunt everyone she knows. The boyfriend confesses and dies. Justice is served.

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10. A movie director makes a long movie and finishes with ‘watch out for part 2’. He starts part two (2) from the middle of part one just to waste your time?. As if that is not enough, he adds part 3.


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