Video: “May thunder strike you down” -Empress Gifty to her critics.

Empress Gifty Curses Delay

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Ghanaian secular-gospel musician has issued a strong warning to social media trolls who have been denting her image with untrue statements to stop or else they will die prematurely.

She stormed social media with her rants and advised her haters to find better jobs to do. It is alleged that her rants are indirectly towards Delay though she managed to keep her name out of her mouth while speaking.

The gospel musician stated that those who badmouth her will be struck dead by thunder if they do not stop.

The wife of Hopeson Adorye who rose to the limelight through gospel music said that her music doesn’t define her because aside from music, she is also an entrepreneur.

“I am a secular-gospel artiste. I am an entrepreneur, music doesn’t define Empress, this is where I want you people to get it. I don’t depend on only music.”

“Your jealousy has transformed into witchcraft, I just don’t get it. Be measured when talking about me, there are worse people in your homes. Woman, be measured, take your time. Just because of selfish gains and likes on social media, you sit on your channels to talk about people.

Empress Gifty didn’t definitively mention the name of Delay in her rants this is more like a “who the cap fits let them wear it ” scenario.

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Her comments come after Delay’s recent program in which she played a video of Empress Gifty shaking her nyash and taunting the naysayers. It is obvious that her rants are directed toward her.

“Let me warn you, from today, anybody who publishes lies about me may thunder strike you down. May the thunder of the Lord strike your home. Anyone who will take money to ridicule me on Facebook, TikTok, all in the name of likes and comments, on YouTube, Instagram or take money to disgrace Empress Gifty Oppong Adorye, let me tell you whoever you are, you better find a job if you are hungry.”

The gospel musician has come under the public microscope of she was pictured with a banging body which raised suspicion that she has gone under the knife.

She hasn’t confirmed or denied it yet but all you need to do is google her before and after photos.

We can’t share that here because we are afraid of thunder. Lol

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