Video: “Stop disgracing your wife” – Zion Felix warns Patapaa

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Zion Felix warns Patapaa

Ghanaian blogger, Zion Felix has finally replied Patapaa after the latter used his social media handle to accuse him of being the one responsible for the collapse of his marriage to Liha Miller, Patapaa’s German wife.

It was rumoured last week that the union between the ‘one corner’ his maker and his wife has fallen on rocks. Lots of netizens were surprised because the couple were the true definition of love and romance.

The true cause of their split isn’t fully known yet. However, Patapaa came out to reveal that Zionfelix was the one responsible for their divorce.

Patapaa is quoted to have said “It’s because of this guy I don’t want to see my wife again. He is the problem between I and my wife”

Many beleived the allegations to be true considering how Zion has all of the sudden developed interest in hanging out with the ex wife of Patapaa and the timing.

Zion Felix is currently touring Europe and used the opportunity to visit Leiha for an interview.
Patapaa was unhappy with all that was going on and as a result he came out to label his ex wife a cheat and accused them of having an affair.

In an interview with Zion Felix , Liha Miller set the record straight and shed more light on what was happening in her marriage.
She said “The fact that I don’t wear my ring always doesn’t mean we are divorced and even if our marriage is troubled, nobody has the right to talk about it and make recommendations for us, except ourselves and parents,”

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The blogger who has been silent over the matter has finally spoken his mind in a 2 minutes video addressing the whole issue.
He cautioned Patapaa to stop disgracing his wife because that isn’t helping his case at all. Zion also warned him to desist from tarnishing his image if that move is to make him lose out on endorsement deals.

“Patapaa is disgracing his wife, it’s like he want to make her appear cheap. That is what he is trying to portray about his wife. It is not good he should stop talking. Are you trying to say that your wife sleeps with every guy she meets?.Just stop talking because it’s not good. Marriage isn’t a joke. You don’t have any evidence whether soft or hardcore evidence to prove I’m having an affair with your wife. Your antics isn’t disgracing me” He said

Watch full video below:

Zion Felix warns Patapaa

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