Weird facts you didn’t know about these nine (9) popular brands.

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McDonald's - Wikipedia

The first McDonald’s restaurant had two giant golden arches (which wasn’t part of their logo) so people could see it from the highway. The owner loved the idea so much that he insisted on putting them on the logo.


M&m logo hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

M &Ms were actually created for the US Army. American soldiers wanted to eat chocolates when away at war but they kept melting in their hands. one day two guys named Mars and Murray decided to copy Smarties which are colour-varied sugar-coated chocolate confectionery to create their own brand hence the name M & Ms


Santa used to be green. The only reason it’s red is because of Coca-Cola. One day, one guy in a marketing meeting at Coca-Cola told his colleagues. “Hey, what if we showed Santa with a coke bottle to boost our Christmas sales, Let’s pick the red version So he fits with the colour of our bottles. That ad became so popular that red Santa became the only Santa people remember till today.


The guy who invented Levi’s never wore jeans in his life. It sounds crazy but Levi Strauss thought his jeans weren’t cool enough for him so he would only wear black suits.


The reason why Facebook is blue is that Mark Zuckerberg is colour blind. He is red-green colourblind. Which means the colour he sees best is blue. That is why his favourite colour is also all over the new Meta logo.


Baskin-Robbins the American multinational chain of ice cream and cake speciality shop restaurants once made ketchup-flavoured ice cream, Somehow, they had to stop it because nobody was buying it.


Adidas vs. Puma - Top 10 Family Feuds - TIME

 Adidas and Puma were born out of a feud between two brothers. They originally ran a shoe company together but got into a huge fight, and went their separate ways. It got so bad that they asked to be buried at the opposite end of the same cemetery in Germany.


Some companies give their employees bonuses, Jack Daniels gives out whiskey. The first day of each month in Jack Daniels is called good Friday and every single employee gets a bottle of the old number seven for their hard work.


No matter what movie you watch. You will never see a bad guy with an iPhone. They insist they will sue. Anyone who makes a film where bad guys use Apple because they want their brand to be only associated with good. There’s even a director in Hollywood. Who said, you can actually guess who the bad guy was, just by looking at their phones, when you build a brand reputation is everything and who knows, if you ever get in trouble with the police, you can always try to show your iPhone to the officer to prove your innocence

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