Why are women not equally paid as men in sports

Why are women not equally paid as men in sports

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When it comes to sports, it is no secret that men are paid more than women, especially in soccer. A lot have claimed that it is discriminatory without being able to properly defend their stand.

This article will shed some light on why it is so and perhaps you will understand why women shouldn’t be paid more than men when it comes to sports.

The money needed to pay sportsmen and women has to come from somewhere.

Where does it come? from TV rights, merchandising ticket sales. etc.

All the money a league or a club earns is based on fan interest. The more fan interest, the more money they pay hence more money to clubs.

These generated revenues are then used to pay footballers and other sportsmen.

This year’s Women’s Champions League final between Lyon and Barcelona (The two best women’s teams in the world) brought in 3.6 million total viewers around the Whole world compared to the men’s UCL final of 2021 between Manchester City and Chelsea Which raked in over 700 million viewers, and that’s not even the two most popular teams in men’s football.

The 2019 Women’s World Cup generated a total of $131 million dollars which is respectable however, the men’s World Cup 2018 generated almost six billion dollars.

On the bridge of gender equality and equity would it be fair to take the revenues generated by the men’s football and give it to the women?. That would be completely unfair in my opinion.

I have the biggest respect for women’s football and love to see it growing, But please understand that it’s not a gender thing. It’s just a popularity thing, in the same way, you can’t expect volleyball players to be paid the same as football players.

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