Why first-born -firstborn relationships are a bad idea

Why first-born -firstborn relationships are a bad idea

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Why first-born -firstborn relationships are a bad idea

A person’s birth order affects their experiences and forms their values while growing up. The experiences tend to shape their behaviour and personalities as well.

Firstborns tend to have strong morals and values instilled in them from a very young age which can make their relationships a bit uptight. This is not a wonder because they are more or less the guinea pigs for their parent’s parental techniques.

They are wired to take responsibility for their actions and tend to pull their own weights because that is all they know. That compromises a bond that could form based on interdependencies between couples.

In fact, some relationship experts have advised that the best possible match is a firstborn female with a lastborn male, this is because their needs are in harmony with each other.

Women naturally have a sense of motherliness embedded in them. A first-born woman would most likely be the provider in a relationship, not necessarily financial but in other aspects while the last-born male in the relationship can lean on her.

It doesn’t mean that you are doomed if you find yourself in a first-born -firstborn relationship because there are always exceptions.

Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been married 41 years, are both firstborn.

Why first-born -firstborn relationships are a bad idea

Relationships sometimes involve helping each other and complimenting your partner’s weakness but it isn’t always the case for two firstborns, because they always strive for perfection.

That unhealthy instinct to be responsible for everyone’s actions including their partner’s emanates from the fact that at a very young age they have had to be accountable for the actions of their younger ones.

This quality may be helpful in leadership, however, it isn’t the case for a healthy relationship.
Struggle for control is something that works against two firstborns in a relationship.

Because they are mostly perfectionists, they like to have things done their way which can bring about misunderstandings between two people. It is all a Matter of Control

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Firstborns tend to apply logic to almost every situation they encounter. Rarely do they take decisions by heart. To them every action you take must make sense and they do not let things slide easily.

Don’t get it wrong, they can be very simple and understanding but on their own terms.
The challenges to a firstborn-firstborn relationship aren’t only limited to those who are firstborns by birth but anyone who has had to assume the responsibility or grow up as one

Being in such a relationship isn’t always bad, to be honest. There are some exceptions and the great part about two firstborns in a relationship is the level of expectation from each other is minimum.

As much as we may have little control over whom we fall in love with, one thing firstborns should keep in mind is that defining your roles in the relationship can ease off the pressure to take control,

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