You are killing your kidneys slowly with these ten (10) practices.

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In our daily lives, we’ve become accustomed to certain practices damaging our kidneys. These vital organs play a critical role in the overall well-being of our bodies.

It acts as a filter to remove excess waste produced by metabolic reactions and maintains pH and mitosis amongst other functions. Therefore, it’s imperative that you recognize these damaging habits and actively work towards protecting your kidneys at all costs.

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You are killing your kidneys slowly with these ten (10) practices:

1. The most common danger to your kidney is the rise in blood pressure which speeds up kidney damage. Furthermore, it also contributes to the formation of kidney stones, which are known to cause severe pain and nausea

2.  Eating processed foods:

It may be relatively easier and tastier to eat processed foods than making a meal out of fresh produce. However, in the long run, high levels of sodium and phosphorus in processed food severely increase the risk of kidney diseases.

3.  Not getting enough sleep: 

Lack of sufficient sleep during the night hours is closely linked to declining kidney health. Researchers find that the kidney’s function is coordinated with the sleep-wake. Therefore not getting enough Sleep interrupts kidney functions, damaging them in the long run.

4. Smoking:

Smoking is closely linked with lung damage, It also speeds up the risk of getting certain kidney cancers. Furthermore, it causes damage to your heart and renal arteries leading to insufficient blood supply to the kidneys.

5. Drinking too much alcohol:

Enjoying a glass of wine every once in a while is acceptable to the body. However, heavy drinking poses many threats such as raising blood pressure and dehydrating the body. This leads to the kidney being unable to carry out its intended functions.

6. Lack of physical activity:

A sedentary lifestyle harms your overall health, but significantly increases the risk of diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. All these factors speed up the kidney’s declin, and damage its ability to function correctly.

7.  Overeating Protein:

Protein is essential for growth and repair however, consuming too much animal protein causes kidney damage. The animal protein leaves a lot of acid in the blood so the kidneys overwork are remain unable to maintain the body’s pH balance.

8. Not drinking enough water:  

The kidney can only remove toxins and sodium from the body If enough water is consumed frequently, drinking less than the required amount of water leads to dehydration, which may cause permanent kidney damage.

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9. Overusing pain medication:

Painkillers are an easy way to relieve any pain or discomfort, but using too many painkillers deteriorates kidney health. The overuse reduces the blood flow to the kidneys, compromising their ability to perform efficiently

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10. Working out too much:  

Even though exercise helps prevent several illnesses and increases the quality of life, overdoing it could cause severe damage. Generally, a resting period is suggested between workouts to allow the body to rejuvenate. If you work out too often the muscle tissues break down very fast dumping waste substances for the kidney to filter.

You are killing your kidneys slowly with these ten (10) practices

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