You haven’t moved on from your ex completely if you exhibit any of these four signs.

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Life, just like relationships can be very unpredictable sometimes. One moment you would be sharing an awesome intimate relationship with your partner and the next moment you both turn into complete strangers and sometimes even enemies. It is all part of life and the blame can’t really be shifted to anyone.

There are instances where a relationship comes to an end on a good note based on mutual understanding and sometimes it ends on a very bad note. Relationships that end on a bad note are mostly when one party isn’t satisfied with the decision of the other. The two exes may become toxic and cause bad blood between the two.

Sometimes, we try to create a false reality that we have moved on from a past relationship but deep within us we still miss that ex.

If your find yourself exhibiting any two or more of these traits then just know that you haven’t gotten over your ex.

1. Everything you do is done with the intention of toiling with their emotions

If you are sharing a post on social media with the intention that they will somehow see it and possibly miss you then you still care about what you had with them. You can convince yourself that you have moved on but deep within, you wish they’d regret letting you go.

When couples end on a bad note, some kind of competition breeds between them. The most affected party just wants to prove that he or she is doing just great without their ex. In truth, you don’t really wish them well and your toxic self wishes they suffer for leaving you the way they did.

2 . Your interest in knowing who he or she is seeing exposes you.

If you really want to know whom your ex might be dating then chances are you still love them. That part of their life should be none of your business unless they willingly want to share. Most of the time we are curious to know so we can sleep better knowing that we are better than whomever they may be seeing. You just want to conclude whether their decision to leave you for someone else was an upgrade or a downgrade.

3. They are still on your blocked list.

There are two reasons why you would want to block an ex. one is the thought or the mere sight of their messages or status updates irks you so you simply block them to have your peace of mind to heal and the second is that they are constantly being a thorn in the flesh. If you are blocking your ex for the first reason then there is a higher chance that you still care about the relationship you had.

4 . Your mind wanders too often to the beautiful memories you once created and shared with them.

It is okay to go down memory lane once in a while reminiscing over the beautiful times but if it happens too often then you miss your ex, especially when you are also seeing someone. It only means that what you have with your current partner doesn’t match to what you had with your ex.

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